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Lip fillers are a cosmetic procedure that adds more volume to your lips, beautifies your lips, and adds moisture to the lips. It is a famous procedure performed by several healthcare providers. Proper care tips are explained to the patients to keep lips maintain. Lip fillers typically last 12 to 18 months. It, however, depends on your age and how quickly your body converts calories into energy (metabolism). Lip fillers do not last as long in younger people since they burn calories more quickly.

What is a Russian Lip Filler?

A cosmetic procedure in which a gel-like substance of hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips with microneedles. The Russian Lip method is a hybrid of threading and droplet techniques. This process of injecting gel into the borders of lips adds more volume to lips and the technique of injecting gel in the correct direction enhances the lips’ shape, making them look sexy and healthy.

It is not only about the substance but about the injection procedure. This method allows for a higher lip height and can occasionally modify the curve of the mouth. Russian lip filler method should be applied by incredibly skillful physicians who have a thorough understanding of the anatomy as well as extraordinary hand expertise. This method is safe and immediate results can be noticed. This treatment lasts for about 9 months until you need another treatment.


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When we talk about extraordinary hand expertise we can’t deny the magical hands of Dr. J MD. Russian lips filler treatment in Orlando is done by Dr. J MD. An American-certified injector who is deliberate to provide excellent cosmetic and aesthetic services in Orlando Florida. The Russian Lip Technique seems to be quite safe. He takes tremendous pleasure in his work, guaranteeing that each client is completely pleased with the outcomes every time.

Difference between Russian lip fillers and standard lip fillers.

The difference between Russian lip filler from standard filler is the aesthetic approach of injection. Dr. J MD from New U Med Spa has years of expertise in dealing with people who want to enhance their natural characteristics. He can mix typical lip filler treatments with the Russian lip technique to provide his patients with the greatest look.


Lip filler is a form of dermal filler, in this treatment a substance name hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips to add more volume and to make lips look healthy, sexy, and plumper.

Lip filler treatment is an individual’s personal choice this treatment is helpful if you want to increase the size of your lips or you are willing to enhance the shape of your lips.

The Russian lip method involves injecting vertically into the foundation of the lip and stretching out towards the outer border. Instead of adding excessive volume, the lips will be contoured to uplift or flip the lip. Russian lip filler technique makes lips plumper and gives them a heart-type shape.

This is a technique used to lift the lips. The height of lips is increased with less pain, lips become plumper from the front and flatter from the sides, and you can have beatified and desired-shaped lips. 

Lip fillers generally last between 12 and 18 months. However, it is dependent on your age and how rapidly your body transforms calories into energy (metabolism). As younger people burn calories faster, lip injections do not stay for as long.

Lip fillers give immediate effects, a surprisingly rapid recovery phase, low dangers, and a less costly solution. They will, however, require further therapies. Alternatively, lip enhancement techniques produce spectacular, long-lasting impacts, but they are risky, require greater time for recovery, and are considerably expensive.

If you are looking for a Russian lip technique in Orlando kindly step into New U Med Spa. Dr. J MD New U Med Spa in Orlando Florida is the place you should always consider for any cosmetic treatments. Dr. J MD has designed this 10 minutes Lip filler treatment for his valued clients. So why waste time, for a free 5 minutes consultation for getting desired information contact New U Med Spa today. 

At New U Med Spa in Orlando Florida, you can have lip filler treatment at a minimal cost.

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